Monday, 7 October 2013

A trip to Greece: "Without the past the pursued future has no meaning."

     It was 1993. Although at the time we had a one-year-old girl and-to crown it all- I was five months pregnant, a couple of closed friends suggested going to Greece and we took the plunge. I don't regret having made the trip.
     Perhaps one of my first memories of Greece is the propylaeum. Don't be alarmed! A propylaeum is the structure forming the entrance of a sacred place; in this case it was the great entrance hall of the Athenian Acropolis (437 B.C). Mnesicles, the architect, is said to have built it to hide the steep slope of the approach way ( and I strongly believe it).
     There is a sheer ramp between two flights of ancient marble steps which have been worn away with the passing of centuries. To be honest, there is also a sort of tiny lift for the disabled. The thing is that I was just pregnant, so I chose the steps and my feet kept slithering on the wonderful ancient marble. At last, I waddled up the stairs to spot the magnificent view of The Parthenon. I couldn't believe it! I burst out crying in the face of that splendid building.

      This was simply an anecdote. The truth is that Greece  is an incredibly fantastic country. Besides its history and its ruins, it is full of breathtaking sceneries: beautiful islands, volcanic sandy beaches, exquisite churches, an absolutely charming Mediterranean architecture, fabulous sunsets...

      How about listening to a marvellous Sirtaky? Enjoy the images. A picture is worth a thousand words.                            

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