Wednesday, 23 October 2013

An exercise of narrative

     It was a hot,dull August afternoon. There was absolute silence and only the insistent chirping of cicadas broke the stillness. The sun was burning thoroughly the few leaves that had managed to survive the scorching summer heat.
     Some bright, buzzing dragonflies were flattering over the pond when Lucy arrived. On hot days she liked to go into the wood and sit in the sahde of the lime tree by the cool water.
     That day she stumbled on the grass and started to untie her shoes. Although she was absorved in her thoughts, she noticed that somebody was peeping at her. Then, she stood quickly to have a look around when, suddenly, two goggly eyes rose above the water in the pond. A husky voice croaked at her...

- You come to my pond every afternoon but I have never been to your house. It is not fair.

     Lucy rubbed her eyes in surprise. She thought that she was dreaming, yet a plump, viscose frog was still there, croaking and goggling at her...

- Let's go home, dear. I don't know the way but I'll be pleased to follow you.

     When she heard those words she started to run off to her house. The frog jumped out of the pond and hopped behind her.

- Wait for me! I can't run as fast as you!.

     Lucy knew the events of the day would change her life for ever.


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