Monday, 21 October 2013

travellers vs tourists

     Better late than never

     I didn't have really an opinion about the difference between a traveller and a tourist. To be sincere I just hadn't thought about the difference as a controversial subject. However, I must admit that the difference is significant.
     Most of bloggers' opinions express a recurring idea: it is a question of personal attitude to travelling. The way I see it, despite the fact that both of them are etaking a break from the routine of normal life, their  way to fulfill their hopes are very different. Although I had the assorted bloggers's opinions, I have taken the trouble to ask around to know what my familiy and friends thought. After such a serious opinion poll, here you are the results:
- The tourist is looking for leisure whereas the traveller wants to learn, he wants to adquire knowledge.
- The tourist takes paret of the consumer society.
- The difference lies in their personal attitude.
- The traveller is involved in his trip. He is hard at work.
- Travellers hve existed for centuries, tourist are more recent.
-Time is very important: for a tourist it is predetermined. A traveller moves as much as he wants. His only limit is money.
- A traveller rarely establishes his itinerary.
- A traveller never stays behind his camera. He enjoys his stay.
- A tourist needs an interpreter when he goes abroad. A traveller tries to speak t least a few words of the local languagea few words

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