Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A humble approaching to Picasso's mastery

  The Life (1903) Pablo Ruiz Picasso
The Cleveland Museum of Art (Ohio)

     I can’t help being overawed by Picasso’s enigmatic way of depicting human feelings. This painting belongs to his Blue Period, and it is considered to be the central work of it.
     The scene takes part in a painter’s studio. There, a naked young couple is confronting a woman who is rocking an asleep child in her arms. The three figures have got bare feet, which is very characteristic of the artist’s paintings.
     In the background there are two canvases leaning against the wall. They both cover the central part of the scene, between the couple and the mother. One of them evokes the sadness of loneliness; the other, on top of it, shows the comfort of human warmth.

     The central figures, in The Greco style, are a shade of blue. The bareness of the place, the sketches in the bluish background, the timeless atmosphere…all of them are features of a painting which is taking a breath to consider feelings attached to vital process: love, motherhood, eroticism, suffering, reality and romanticism.

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