Thursday, 6 March 2014

Quiche Lorraine

  Last Tuesday our English class dealt with cooking. We watched a video from the BBC which made our mouths water. It was partly due to the late hour but, above all, to the delicious aspect of the Quiche Lorraine that was being prepared by the lively girl. She easily formed a firm dough in an old porcelain washbasin which, by the way, was quite beat-up. “How easy!” I thought. At that very moment I decided that I had to prepare myself a Quiche Lorraine. It was crystal clear that it wasn’t her first quiche but, anyway, it seemed so easy…
     Idleness is the root of all evil, thus having a couple of free hours I got down to work yesterday. I watched the video again and tried to observe carefully every step. The filling was very easy to prepare but the pastry was something else. Once the dough was ready, the task of rolling it out to form a thin pastry, rolling and rolling out with the rolling pin to get it larger than the diameter of the tart tin, was not a simple task. Next time I’ll buy a ready-made shortcrust pastry in a supermarket.
     The thing is that, fortunately, I got a delicious soft crusty Quiche Lorraine. Don’t you fancy cooking one?

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