Monday, 2 December 2013


Brown Harvestman, photo by Michael Suttkus

     In many backyards the most conspicuous "spider" isn't a spider at all. This is the Daddy-longlegs, also known as the Harvestman. They are called Harvestmen because they are more visible in autumn, at harvest time! They are arachnids of the order Opiliones, this means that they are related to spiders, but they are neither spiders nor poisonous.
     Gordon Ramel, an associate Professor of English at Huai'an Normal University (China), has written...

The harvestman is not a spider,
       she has no poison glands inside her.
    No fangs, no web, no spinnerets.
   She's sweet and gentle as it gets.
     Unless you're dead, or awful small
 she cannot hurt you much at all.
 So love her if you chance to see
 her in the foorest's wild beauty;
    although her legs are thin and long
      she' still a part of Life's great song  

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