Thursday, 5 June 2014

C1 Collateral damages

 C1 Collateral damages
     It was a hot, dull August afternoon. There was absolute silence and only the chirping of insistent cicadas broke the monotony. The sun was burning thoroughly the few leaves that had managed to survive the scorching summer.
     Oedipus and Antigona had left Thebes and were wandering on the way leading to Colonus. Suddenly, Icarus fell into the sea nearby and a man called Auden, who was ploughing near the shore, exclaimed: "Something amazing, a boy falling out the sky." Little did he realize that his judgement was being listened by a crowd of heterogeneus persons who had gathered in the scene.
     Richard Burton, an English explorer whose fluency in Greek was staggering, pointed out that the "Niké" boy originated  from a tribe in the Mountains of the Moon. However, his traveller's fantasy was immediately contradicted by Atticus Finch, an honest lawyer who came from Alabama. He claimed that it was not a boy but a mochingbird. As soon as the ornithological reference filled the air, Babette(a French lady skilled in the art of cooking) spoke up in excitement, "Oh! Mockingbirds in Sarcophage!". Then, a bossy extravagant woman warned," Don't even think about cooking that boy!". She was Good Queen Bess, who was already fed up with beheaded creatures.  C.S.Lewis, a world-renowned British professor, took then the view that had he known, the boy would have gone to Shadowlands, adding that "Such was the heat of the sun that its waxen wings melted." Unexpectedly, a stormy voice could be heard saying..."I have a dream". It caused great confusion and spread alarm and despondency in Buthan...Robert Kennedy,..

     "Be quiet please!", said the psychoanalyst. "I have had enough.". "Just relax and you'll get over the C1 syndrome in due course."

     "Please, I'd like to talk you about Mandela's fifteen lessons, Shakespeare, Dutch painters, Poetry..."

     But the therapist was so exhausted that he just kept all those hats in a box and sighted in relief.Yet, he wondered why that stressed woman was so keen on wearing such a big quantity of different colour hats. He finally left his office, convinced that some Chi-Kun lessons would be highly recommendable. 

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